The features of CNC turning


What are the features of CNC turning?

1.   CNC lathe can operate automatically the main shaft speed change,positive and negative rotate,start or stop,feeding and moving along the two coordinate direction,loose,transposition and clamp the knife rest,control the cutting fluid,etc.

2.   The feeding of turning tools should establish relationship with the rotating of main shaft.Because the CNC turning is calculated by the pulse equivalent that the turning tools moving along the feeding direction when the main shaft rotate a circle.

3.   Because the design drawing of components are indicated and measured by diameter data,to improve the precision of radial dimension,make the programming and measuring easier,the pulse equivalent on X axis will be half of on Z axis.

4.   When use horizontal type CNC lathe to machining components,to ensure the machining precision and surface quality,the main shaft should have a large speed adjustable range.It can use both constant surface speed and constant rotate speed for machining.

5.   The workblank for CNC turning is always rough blank and die forging.The machining allowance is large.So the CNC lathe will have different fixed cycle function.It can process kinds of turning machining.


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