The Technological Process of Precision Machining


1.       Machining the base level first

When machining the workpiece,we should machining the surface which is setted as the base level first.It can ensure that there is a precise base level for following process.It’s called”base level in advance”.

2.       Divide process stage

It always need to divide the process stage for these components which have high requirement of surface.It can divide to rough machining,semi finish machining and finish machining.The aim for dividing the process stage is to ensure the machining quality,and using the machines reasonable.It can also help arrangeing heat treatment and find the defect of workpiece.

3.       Machining surface first,and then the holes

For these components,like enclosure,support stands,bars,shaft,etc,we should machining surface first,and then machining holes.So we can using the surface for base level to machining the holes.It can ensure the precision of both surface and holes.

4.       Finish machining

Finish machining process,like grinding,honing,accurate grinding and rolling,should be done at the last process of machining.If the surface finish shoud be RA0.8,little collision will broke the surface.After finish machining,the workpiece can’t be touched by hands or other products.


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