The use of WEDM for precision machining


Along with the development of new technology,new material and new process,to improve the abrasive resistance of the mould,people will use material with high strength,high hardness and high flexile for mould production.This is very useful to improve the use life of mould,but it also brings problem for EDM machining the allowance of workpiece.To improve the surface precision and meet the high efficiency requirements of mould production,we should reduce the machining work after EDM as small as possible.This decide that people can’t use EDM for just one time to machining the workpiece allowance but need EDM machining for several times.Only this can ensure the surface quality and precision of mould.


The EDM is using the line electrode(always use 0.1-0.3mm copper wire)connect with cathode,and connect the machined workpiece with anode,when apply some power between the athode and anode,the electrolyte in the gap will have electric discharge phenomena.Using the instant high temperature,the material on the workpiece will stripping and vaporization.So this method can process the components which can’t be processed by general method.At the same time,the line electrode will move when processing,it can ensure the processing precision as the line electrode can be supplement once it is loss.


For those precision components which have high hardness,high precision and high complex,and the finished surface is nonplanar,it is very important to use EDM to process the machining allowance.Runsom Precision is a professional precision components supplier.We can provide CNC milling,CNC turning,auto lathing and always assistant process like EDM,grinding,tapping to you.Please visit our website for more information.You can also send your enquiry to