Precision Machining for Power Amplifier Case


Runsom Precision is a professional precision components supplier who focus on precision machining,CNC milling,CNC turning,auto lathing,die casting and injection mould.We have exported lots of precision and qualified products to our customers from Europe,America,Australia and Japan.


We have produced qualified aluminium case and cover for power amplifier for our customers.And we can provide special surface treatment to you.Like the power amplifier case and cover,the surface treatment are always special chemical coating like per MIL-C-5541 CLASS 1.We do surface drawing for the cover to get a better looking.Please see below the photos for power amplifier base and cover we produced before.


Aluminium power amplifier base with chemical coating per MIL-C-5541 CLASS 1


Aluminium power amplifier cover with surface drawing and chemical coating per MIL-C-5541 CLASS 1

If you have any aluminium case or power amplifier base and cover need to produce,please don't hesitate to contact us for quotation.You can send your enquiry to and visit our website for more information.