Materials Machined parts

Runsom Precision are well up in a variety of machinable metals and plastics.We have different tools and machines to machining different materials like metal machining,steel machining,plastic machining .


Most requested metal materials are:aluminium,stainless steel,carbon steel,alloy steel,copper,bronze,brass,etc.The plastic machining materials commonly used is:PEEK,PEI,POM,ABS,PC,Teflon,Nylon, etc. Most plastic materials have different colours for choice.

Besides of machining components from these standards material,Runsom Precision also have cooperated partners who can provide special custom material from extrusion,die casting,forming,investment casting,etc.Machining from these special offered material,the costs of components can be reduced a lot.

Runsom Precision is always on the way to provide customers with the best quality from material choosing,tolerance control,surface treatment to delivery.

metal machining,steel machining,plastic machining