Custom Machinery Services

Customers in the field of custom machinery building,prototype machinery building,bespoke machine building come to Runsom CNC Machine Shop to machining their precision components and milling machine parts.Because with the help of Runsom Precision,the machinery builder can always deliver their desired machinery to their customers on time and with high quality.One advantage to work with Runsom is that we can deliver the machined components very fast and you can have more time to improve your machine design.


The service we provide to custom machinery building including:
∙ Machining of Precision Machined Components
∙ Mechanical engineering and assembly
∙ purchasing of standard components in China
∙ Secondary processes like anodizing,black oxide finish,plating
∙ final packaging and shipping


When you have custom machinery need to build,or custom machined components need to produce,please contact Runsom Precision.Our experience in custom machinery building and our quick response make us the best choice for your custom components machining.


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