Customized Components Machining


Customized components is relative to standard components.The standard components mean those parts which are all standard control from structure,dimensions,drawings,marks,etc.And these standard parts are always produced by professional manufacturer.Standard components always include screw,key,,bearing,etc.


Customized components are machined according to the drawings which provided by the customers.And always the customers appoint the material,tolerance,surface treatment,roughness,etc.According to the material,customized components always divided into metal components and non-metal components.The process of customized components are always complex and the costs will be higher than standard components.


Runsom Precision is a professional machining supplier who can machining customized components for you.We can machining the components all according to your requirements.The material we always machining are SUS303,304,416,Aluminium6061,6063,7075,brass,POM,PC,etc.Please visit our website for more information.You can also send enquiry to