The application of customized mechanical arm


As an important part of customized automatic equipment,the customized mechanical arm used more and more widely.

1.       The application of Customized mechanical arm in injection moulding industry.The customized mechanical arm can help getting the moulded plastic parts out of the mould after injection moulding.Generally speaking,each injection machine will equip one customized mechanical arm.But the requirement for mechanical arm is not high.

2.       The application of customized mechanical arm in welding industry.The welding requirement for automobile industry is very high.And the quantities are always very large,so the mechanical arm is used very widely in automobile industry.

3.       The application of customized mechanical arm in stacking field.It’s hard to think if there is no mechanical arm to help the stacking job if only by man.

4.       The application of customized mechanical arm in other field.If there is displacement of one part,we can think of using mechanical arm to do the job.


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