Good Maintenance make the injection mould life longer


Injection mould is the main producing tooling for injection manufacturer.It decide the shape,size,dimension,surface roughtness of the plastic parts.Due to the features of mould like specifity,precision and vulnerability,the maintenance for injection mould is very important.


Then how to maintain the injection mould?

1.       Injection mould manufacturer should outfit every injection mould with used card to record situation of the mould use,maintenance and damage.It can help to find the problem of mould and reduce trial time.

2.       Injection mould manufacturer should test the property of mould when it’s normal used.And record the dimension of plastic parts.It can help to know the situation of mould and find if there is any problem of cavity,core,cooling system and mould joint,etc.

3.       Trace and check the important components of injection mould.The function of ejection and steering components are ensure the open and close movement of mould and the ejection of plastic parts.If there is problem of any components of them,it will lead to production stop.So we should regular check if there is deformation or surface damage of the thimble,guide pillar,etc.After finish a production circle,we should coat professional anticorrosive oil on the surface of mould,movement and steering components.

4.       Pay attention to the maintenance of mould surface.It will influence the plastic part surface directly.The most important is anticorrosive.After injection moulding,we should clear up remain plastic.And then coat special mould anticorrosive oil and put the mould to the place where is dry,shady and cold and clean.



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