How to choose the suitable machining process for components?


There is a large scope of machining precision that one machining process can reach.If there is high requirement of machining precision,we need to use some special machining process.And it will lead a extra costs for it.The economic machining precision of one machining process is the precision can be reached under the normal machining conditions(use qualify standard equipments,process equipment and experienced technic workers,don’t extend the machining time).We can refer the metal machining process manual for the economic precision that each machining process can reach.Shaft part,sleeve part and plate part are some typical components which have excircle surface.The machining process for excircle surface components have turning,grinding and kinds of finishing cut process.Turning is the most economic machining process for excircle surface components.But the economic precision is not high,it can be used for rough machining or semi-finish machining.Grinding is the main process for precision machining for excircle surface components.It’s very suitable for these components with high hardness and surface hardening.Finishing machining is the ultraprecision machining process after precision machining.Finishing machining include rolling,polishing,grinding,etc.It’s suitable for the components which require high precision and surface.


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