Medical Machining Services

Machining medical device components is always a difficult process.Because the components for medical devices are usually complex and require high precision.Runsom Precision is a professional precision machining supplier with capacity to manufacture complex and high accurate components for medical devices OEMS.Runsom Precision machining medical components from one prototype to thousands.And we pay high attention to each projects to ensure we deliver qualified components to our customers.


The components we machining for medical industry:
Surgical instruments components
Orthopedic medical devices components
Dental components
Ventilator components


Runsom Precision is state-of-the-art and uses advanced machines for precision medical machining.We always optimize our machines for high precision machining.
The services we provide to medical industry include:
Swiss machining
Screw machining
CNC machining,CNC milling and CNC turning
Precision machining and custom machining
Complex machining
Prototype machining


Our experienced engineers and quality control team monitor the entire medical device machining process well and adheres to the strict in-house quality policies.If you need your medical device components to be machined,welcome to contact us for quick quotation.Runsom precision will be your good partner for your precision medical machining!