How to inspect precision components


After machining,the precision components should be inspected to ensure if it is a qualified componnets.But the features of precision components is that the components always are very complex and precise.So we should inspect them again and again to select the unqualified parts.Then how does the QA to inspect these precision components?


For small batch production of one part,the dimensional precision always used outside micrometer to inspect.For large quantity production,we always use plain limit gauge to inspect.For these components with long length and high precision,we can use comparator to inspect.We can use roughness sample plate to inspect the surface roughness.If there is high requirement of the surface roughness,we can use optical microscope or contourgraph to check.The deviation from circular form can use micrometer to measure the half max difference value of the workpiece’s diameter on the same cross section.It can also use micrometer with V shape iron to measure.It can use roundness measuring equipment to inspect if it is possible.The deviation from cylindrical form can use micrometer to measure the difference between the max and min dimension of the same axial section to inspect.The inspection of mutual positional precision of main shaft always using the center hole on both ends of the shaft as datum reference,measuring with micrometer gauge on both bearing journal.


We need always try different inspection methods for different precision components to ensure every components sent to the customers are qualified.Runsom Precision not only have these normal inspection tools,like micrometer,gauge,plug gauge,but also have advanced inspection equipment like projector,three-D measuring machine,sclerometer,etc.We purchase these inspection equipment to ensure sending the utmost qualified precision components to our customers.Please visit our website for more information.You can also send your enquiry to We will reply you in 24 hours.