Professional Precision Machining Supplier


Runsom Precision is a professional precision machining supplier who focus on the machining of customized components.We provide professional precision machining service to customers from Europe,America,Australia,Japan,etc.Along with the development of the industry revolution,the technic requirement of mechanical equipment components become high precision,superior,and generalize.

The material we mainly use are carton steel,stainless steel,casting steel,brass,aluminium,die casting aluminium,engineering plastic,etc.We mainly produce mechanical equipment components,precision hydraulic components,pneumatic componnets,automatic components,automobile components,standard system components,etc.The industry field we mainly serve are aviation,electrical and electronical,communication,medical device,automobile,etc.

Runsom Precision pay more attention to the quality control.We purchase advanced testing equipment like projector,altimeter,hardness tester to ensure the components sent out are all qualified.We believe we will be your trustable precision machining supplier.Please visit our website for more information.You can also send your enquiry to We will reply you in 24 hours.