How to handle the problem of the tool’s radial run-out error when precision machining


During the process of precision machining,there are many reasons which caused the machining error.But the most important influence factor is the radial run-out error of tools when machining.It will affect the precision of whole machining process.How do we handle this error?

1.       The cutting depth should be reasonable

If the cutting depth is too small,it will slip when machining,thus cause the tool’s radial run-out constant change.It will lead a result that the machining surface is not smooth.If the cutting depth is too big,the cutting force will also increase and it’s easy to lead a deformation of the tools.The radial run-out will also increase and making the machining surface not smooth.

2.       Use up milling for finishing machining

When climb milling,the interstitial site between the screw and nut is changing and this will cause the feeding of workbench doesn’t symmetrical.This will then influence the machine,life of tools and surface roughness of workpiece because there will be shock and vibration.When up milling,the cutting thickness change from small to big,the loading of tools also change from small to big,the tools will be more steady when machining.But up milling will only used for finishing machining.For rough machining,we should use climb milling to improve the efficiency and the using life of tools.

3.       Fair use the cutting fluid

Water solution used for cooling have little influence of the cutting force.But the cutting oil used for lubrication action can reduce the cutting force observably.Because of its lubrication action,it can reduce the friction between the smear metal with rake face of tools and the workpiece with the flank face of tools.And then reduce the radial run-out.


If we ensure the precision of every process of machining and assembly,choose the reasonable process,the influence of radial run-out can reduce to the lowest.Runsom Precision have experienced engineers who know how to choose the most suitable machining process for your components.Please visit our website www.runsom.rom  for more information.You can also send your enquiry of precision components to We will reply you in 24 hours.