The using of screw-thread milling machine


The screw-thread milling machine,which is used to machining the screw threads,the tooling of it is screw thread tooling to instead of the turning tools.Through the rotate,pitching-in and feed of tooling to machining the screw threads.The mechanical principle is similar with the turning lathe.But the tooling of turning lathe is setted at the side near the operator,and the milling machine is setted at the side far away with the operator.The screw thread milling machine will be very advantage when machining big screw threads(big groove threads)Like trapezoidal thread,triangular thread,etc.But it is not good for machining long threads.It’s better to use spin cutting to machining for long threads.


The worm is very suitable to use screw thread milling machine to machining.Because the threads of worm is not very long,and the groove is always deeper than general trapezoidal threads.In fact,the screw thread milling machine is mostly used for machining worm.There are one tooth cutter and more teeth cutter,they are used to machining kinds of external thread and internal thread.


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