The machining processing for shaft components


With many years’ experience in shaft machining,Runsom precision sort out the machining processing for shaft parts.

1-1.       the cognition of machining processing

1-2.       Components analyzing

1-3.       The choice of material,blank,surface treatment,etc.

1-4.       The machining surface and machining processes that generally used for shaft components

1-5.       Thechoice of turning tools for shaft components(bars parts)

1-6.       The choice of machining machine and the clamp for workpiece

1-7.       The choice of datum

1-8.       The divide of machining processing and the arrangement of processing sequence

1-9.       The confirmation of machining allowance and machining tolerance.

1-10.    The formulation of machining time

1-11.    Write machining processing paper.



Runsom Precision have produced lots kinds of shaft components.They are mostly made from stainless steel.Below are some stainless steel shaft(bars)we made.


Stainless steel shaft


Screw shaft


Stainless steel bars


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