How to choose material for different shaft components?


The general used material for shaft components are qualify carbon steel 34,45,50,and the 45# steel is the most widely used.For these small loading and not important shaft,we can use plain carbon steel Q235,Q255 for them.For those shaft which will be used in heavy loading,special requirement of axial dimensions and limitation of heavy,they can choose alloy steel to produce.Like alloy steel 40Cr can be used for medium precision and high rotate speed.The material 40Cr will have good synthetical mechanical property after thermal refining.Alloy steel Cr15,65Mn can be used for these shaft components which require high precision and bad working conditions.These material will have good abrasive resistance and fatigue resistance after thermal refining and surface hardening.If the shaft components will be used in high rotate speed and heavy loading condition,it’s better to choose mild steel like 20Cr,20CrMnTi,20Mn2B or carburizing steel like 38CrMoA1A.After carburizing and quenching or nitriding treatment,these material will have high surface hardness.At the same time,the inside strength will improved greatly.These make the material have very good abrasive resistance,impact toughness and fatigue resistance.


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Below are some steel shaft components we produced.