The Notice of Small hardware production


The principle for numerical control auto lathe,pneumatic auto lathe and Swiss auto lathe are almost the same is that after adjusting and setting the machine,they can produce one components for a long time.They are suitable for the precise components production from material brass,aluminium,iron or plastic.They are used to produce small precision components for instrument,horologe,automobile,motorcycle,bicycle,glasses,stationary,bathroom hardware,electric components,connector,computer,mobile phone,electromechanical,military,etc.They are economic and efficiency for batch processing.The general meaning for auto lathe is a kind of feed style auto lathe which have high performance,high precision and low noise.It’s use cam to control the machining process.


When operating the machine,the workers should keep good form,they should have enough spirit for the work.When the machine is working,it’s forbidden to put the hands to the sliding block area.It’s forbidden to use hand to put and get the workpiece.We should use suitable tools to put and get the workpiece.If found there is abnormal noise or machine malfunction,we should turn off the power immediately and have professional worker to check the machine.


The precision small hardware always are not the final consumer goods.They are always used as fitting parts,semi-finish products,and components.Runsom Precision have 20 auto lathe to machining the precision small hardward for you.Please visit our website for more information.You can also send your enquiry to