Surface Roughness of Custom components


When an engineer start designing a custom component,he should consider all factors whick will affect the use and costs of components.He should consider of the structure,material,processes,tolerance and finishes.The engineer should consider all of them to ensure using the lowest possible costs to get the desired custom components.


The design engineer should know clearly about the method of surface finish and the degree of roughtness which kind of components should reach.The surface roughness is used Ra to describe.There are several degree of surface roughness.


0.2um—This is very high requirement of the surface finish.It’s always used for the interior surface of hydraulic struts,hydraulic cylinders,pistons and piston rods for O-ring packing,and high requirements bearings.

0.4um—This finish is always used for rapidly rotate shaft bearings,rolls in bearing,journals operating in plain bearings,etc.

0.8um—This finish is normally used for precision components,like broached holes,gear teeth,rivet surface,etc.

1.6um—This finish is suitable for all ordinary custom components.


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