Runsom Precision provide more value-added service for CNC machining


Runsom Precision focus on CNC machining,provide precision components machining,precision machining,CNC machining,medical device parts machining,complex components machining,and components design and process arrangement,etc.


Now the competition of precision machining is more and more serious.If only provide single machining process or even several process,it will not competitive enough in the precision machining market.The customers need to find a supplier who can provide design,process arrange,surface treatment according to their requirements.The supplier who the customers are looking for is that can provide qualified products from begin to end,finished by just one supplier.It can help save time and money.


Runsom Precision can use the engineering design capacity,provide professional design and process arrangement according to the fuzzy requirements from the customers.What we can do are as below:

1.       draw precise drawings and arrange process according to the customer’s samples

2.       Optimizing the drawing,workpiece,and machining process to lift the efficiency,quality and also reduce costs.

3.       Fit each part well according to the drawings of customers.

4.       Design tool,clamp and jigs according to customers’ requirement.


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